Tim Abbott
        “Christian music ministry started for me in the seventies with The John Fisher Band. During that time I appeared on the second Pam Mark Hall album. I have been working with youth for a number of years and was band director for the Jubilee high school band. Many of its members have gone on to be music ministers and recording artists in gospel music. I worked with Mark’s brother Ron Kenoly and played several dates and crusades with him. Ron was a big influence on me and a great roll model. The Tim Abbott Band was formed to take high energy Christian music to the churches and the world. In 1996 we joined forces with Mark to form Kingdom Voice. This is the group that I have been the most excited about and proud of in my career. It is truly wonderful to create and play music with people you love and respect.”
         “Recently I helped one of our friends Avery Stafford on his CD “Undignified” on guitar and production. For a number of years I have been working with members of Kingdom voice and others on a Reggae Gospel CD of my original material titled “Outpouring” that will be released very soon. I currently lead worship at Creekside Community Church in San Leandro, CA. I am also the music director and assistant pastor at Fresh Anointing Church in Tracy, CA where I reside with my wife Marsha.”

                                                                                                                                - Tim Abbott.