Vincent Grimes
        “My introduction and participation in playing music in a church setting came when I was very young (about 14). At that time I played piano and organ in the church I grew up in. Over the years I've played clarinet, sax, a few other instruments. Keyboards are currently the predominate instrument for me.”
         “I grew up playing mostly classical music and only began playing christian music, in earnest, when I came to know Jesus Christ personally. And since then I've devoted myself to music ministry. For many years I've been worship pastor in a number of churches and currently act in that capacity at First Baptist Church in Morgan Hill, CA. Also, for many years, I've been a songwriter, having written numerous songs for a diverse group of artists. Some well known (Marylynn McCoo of the Fifth Dimension) and not so well known (Michelle Perry, Janice Perl, innerMission, Jackie Goodwin). Over the years, through the musical gift the lord have given me, I've been able to minister all over the world—from the US to Germany. I also currently work as a producer, helping other folks realize their dreams. I am extremely grateful that God has allowed me to use the gifts he's given me to bless other people. And hopefully bless the Father's heart, as well. To God be the glory.”

                                                                                                                 - Vincent Grimes.