In the years 1994 and 1995, Mark Kenoly played bass guitar with the Promise Keeper's Promise Band, performing at five of the seven events in 1994 and eight of the fourteen events in 1995. During the 1996 Promise Keeper's season, the leaders of Promise Keepers commissioned Mark to put together a special band to perform at that season's PK Youth Events. Mark joined with the members of TAB(Tim Abbott Band) and went on to perform a victorious event at the Atlanta Georgia Dome PK Event for 7500 youths.
        Noticing the anointing on the band at the live performance, the band decided to stay together and renamed the group Mark Kenoly & Kingdom Voice. The group has been performing at various churches, festivals, and concerts in the Bay Area and California since 1996.
        Over the years, the most consistent thing about this band has been the Anointing of God. They have the gift of opening heavens and allowing the Spirit of God to move powerfully in every event they play. Currently they have one album named "It's Time To Shout" and are hard at work in the studio working on the next project. Please consider this worship experience for your next conference or music event.